Sometimes I escape civilization in the vast national parks of Fennoscandia. One of my preferred destinations is Sarek National Park in Sweden – Europe’s last true wilderness area. Due to its remote and largely trail-less nature, it has remained the province of experienced hikers ever since it was established in 1909 as one of Sweden’s first designated national parks. Despite the fact I’m usually carrying more than 20 kg on my back, I prefer experiencing the sublime landscape while walking. The pace is slower, and the experience of the environment is more immediate. It’s impossible not to be aware of the ground beneath my feet, the sky above me, the weather, the sounds, the scents, the rocks, the vegetation, the shades of color. I settle into a rhythm and pace determined by the external circumstances and my ability to deal with them. However. As a landscape photographer I have to admit I’m quite often having a hard time getting anything that transcend nature portraits. In this case it doesn’t really matter.

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