Who am I? I'm the passionate and slightly nerdish amateur photographer behind all this. And considering "all this" - what's the purpose? I'm not sure actually. Consider it my preliminary portfolio, my progress report, my mid-term evaluation or interim something. A very messy one probably with a lot of loose ends. I know. But hey! It was never my intention to take photography too serious. It was never meant to be more than meaningful and pleasant pastime. 

But lately I have noticed that the plot thickens. The imagined borders between my professional life and the playground I call photography are fading. My background as a geologist and the challenges our civilization are facing in the era of Anthropocene has gradually changed my subject preferences. I'm turning my attention towards exploring the interplay between nature and civilization on this battered planet. I’m drawn to landscapes that have been heavily transformed by human intervention. I'm turning my back on eye pleasing fields of subject matter exploring the ambiguous, strange, sinister and disturbing.

My vision as an visual artist? It's starting to crystallize but is still too vague to be formulated as an artistic statement or manifesto. And I guess it might be counterproductive if I force it through. So I don’t. Instead I stick to my intuition and hope that a slightly subconscious approach is conducive. So even though I have a strong urge to explain the choices I make in the creative process – maybe because of my profession and background in natural science – I avoid excessive use of justification and post-rationalization. And by the way. My narratives are not necessarily as interesting as yours.

Curriculum Vitae

Censored exhibitions

Huset i Asnæs 2022, Asnæs, Denmark. Participating with 12 works in the group exhibition from the 23rd of july to the 21st of august. The selected works for the exhibition where personal perspectives on the anthropocene landscape of Denmark - I will never get tired of exploring that subject. 

Lerchenborg Slot 2021, Kalundborg, Denmark. Three images accepted for display through the open call contest “Det Kjære Danmark” – a part of Lundbye Kunstfestival 2021 celebrating the danish national romantic painter JohanThomas Lundbye (1818 - 1848) known for his landscape paintings.

Fotofestival Schiedam 2021. Theme: Our world, our future. Location: Rotterdam, Netherland. A single image accepted for display through the open call contest “Transitions II”.

Fotofestival Lenzburg 2020. Theme: Times under pressure. Location: Lenzburg, Switzerland. A single image accepted for display through the open call contest.

Prizes and nominations

8th Fine Art Photography Awards 2022. Two nominations in the categories "Nature" and "Landscape" respectively.

LensCulture Black & White Photography Awards 2021. A feature in the Competition Gallery - a highly curated group of images selected by the editors. I didn't make it to the finals though, but that's ok in this case - quite happy about it anyway. LensCulture is top notch.

ND Awards 2021. Honorable mention in "Fine Art: Landscape".

Vienna International Photography Award 2021. An honorable mention in the “Free Subject Award” contest and two honorable mentions in the “Our World Award” contest.

A 4th place in World Landscape Photographer 2021. A contest with more than a billion competing landscape photographers. I’m exaggerating a bit. But we were many though.

A 2nd place in a CEWE contest in 2019 exclusively for members of SDF (Selskabet for Dansk Fotografi).

Selskabet for Dansk Fotografi, SDF. Den Nationale 2019. Diploma in Digital Colour.

Selskabet for Dansk Fotografi, SDF. Den Nationale 2018. Diploma in Digital Colour.


F-Stop Magazine, 2021. Issue #109. One picture accepted for the group exhibition. 


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