Once upon a time, the fire burning in the basket of the tipping lantern on the far headland was probably the only conspicuous sign of civilization. And of course, most people only saw it when it fulfilled its purpose – to be seen by sailors traveling through The Great Belt. Today the peninsula has been changed beyond recognition by infrastructure, industry, recreational areas and everything else that comes with our modern civilization. A completely different place. And for the many in transit a non-place. A place with hard-to-reconcile sensory impressions, where the scent of rose hips and seaweeds is accompanied by tar and phenol. A place where the sound of waves breaking is accompanied by the rush of the highway and the distant rumble of the railway as the freight train passes. A place where gray concrete and ochre-coloured iron is reflected in the blue water of The Great Belt. Here, all sensory impressions are enhanced by the contrasts. Here it is clear that all that is sensed are differences. No foreground without background. No light without darkness.

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