Despite the dramatic history of its creation, the Danish landscape is a landscape where, at first glance, you can be led to believe that all change occurs at the behest of man - a landscape that can appear so welcoming that you are led to believe that it is shaped according to our instructions. The destructive forces of nature are easy to overlook behind the veil of modern civilization, which can otherwise seem so invulnerable. Rarely are you confronted with how small and insignificant we are, which can actually be quite liberating. When this happens, it is often in the encounter with the sea that surrounds us on all sides. This is where you realize that control is indeed an illusion. Especially on a day with rough and stormy seas, it is clear that even though our stamina is pronounced and our confidence is peaking, we must ultimately give in and let go as we get swept off our feet by the waves or carried away with the tide.

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